Monday, December 10, 2012

Conversations with Mother Nature - Part Deux

Oh finally, after a month of ridiculously low temperatures and serious lack of snow, it snowed Saturday night!! Hallelujah!!!
Naturally, I jumped on my xc skis and hit this trail. The same one I usually run on in the summer.

For some weird, twisted reason, Tim sold his xc skis at some point and has not gotten around getting a new pair. Shame I say.
Regardless, he came along and run/walked as we took in the beauty of the new snow on the frozen ocean. 
I love, love, love fluffy snow.

If you look close enough along the second bend of this almost frozen creek, there is a tiny duck, a duck you guys! Isn't he supposed to be south somewhere?
I'm a bit worried.

Thank you Mother Nature for bringing back the snow, thank you for a gorgeous Sunday, and thank you for the balmy 27 degrees you brought so that we could enjoy your beauty.
Let's just keep it steady, mkay?

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  1. ahhh you are so beautiful and alaska is so lovely and cross country skiing is SO fun! what a great post, thanks for sharing Fer!!! Love Katie


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