Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Roundup

I am crushing hard on flowers. I NEEEEEEED spring so bad!
My coworker Julie happens to be incredible making edible and ornamental plants grow big and beautiful, incidentally, she also managed to make my thumb green, now I have the gardening bug. I am impatiently waiting for the ground to thaw so I can start digging, plus this year I will have a curious almost 1 year old {WHAT!} who I'm sure will love the dirt.

Come on spring! I'm rooting for you.

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!

2. Another video that is both, cute and useful. How to save a chocking baby

4. I joke with Tim - a perfect introvert - that this could be his utopia, a world where he would never have to step foot outside. "In 1998, Carnegie Mellon researchers warned that the internet could make us into hermits" maybe we are already there. The Shut-In Economy

5. Fellow Anchorage residents, I cannot wait for this. Introducing Williwaw

6. I am thinking about doing this, have you done it before? Would you? What do you think? 100 Days Project

7. If you are a fan of Alaska, food, or good writing in general, you will love this beautiful piece Nominated for the James Beard Award. Julia O'Malley has a way with words. Eating Well at the End of the Road

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

From the dressing room

overalls: Free People, sweater: Madewell

As part of the {{purge}} my closet is undergoing, I took some of my clothes to my fave consignment store, Second Run.  I was talking to Ellen, the owner, when out of the corner of my eye I saw this little number. 

I have always thought that overalls have a time and a place - when you're 3 years old, in a farm or under the hood of a car - but if you've read any of my last few posts then you know I'm reinventing myself, but to make sure I wasn't just being ridiculous, I texted Les for backup from the dressing room. 

Now remember, Les also said {{YOLO}} when I asked if I should cut 12" of my hair, so of course I walked out of there minus a bag of consigned clothes, a proud owner of my first pair overalls since 1986. If nothing else, now I can twin with baby Ben. 

How about you? Overalls, yay or nay?

Monday, March 23, 2015

For 61ยบ North: Staged to Sell

Of all the factors to consider when selling a house, making a good first impression on the buyer by enhancing the home's visual appeal is a top priority.
Home staging - making a property more welcoming by adding furniture, decor, and other enhancements - brings out the positives attributes of a house, provides a walking flow to highlight and enhance the beauty of the space, and allows the buyer to visualize the property as a future home -  not to mention making the house stand out from the competition.

For the full article click {{here}}

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Roundup

I know this picture is not much to look at, but that was where I stopped to take it all in.

Ben and I went for a run yesterday, it was warm enough, but still icy in some areas and I left my spikes at home so it was hard to let my legs loose. I decided to take it easy and think about all the changes {{we've been making}}, and how they are leading us to a slower, simpler life. 

As good as it's been, there are parts of me that resist this change. I think it's because the minimalist way is not just about getting rid of stuff but about making conscious choices about how we spend our time and energy, who we spend it with, and how we make it really matter, and you know what? It's a lot of work to evaluate how we live when we are so involved with schedules, so connected with technology, too caught up with ourselves to pay attention.

Not to get philosophical or anything, but I had an epiphany when I hit this part of the trail. If you had been there, you would have seen those ice chunks moving at snail's pace on the water, slowly but surely melting, making way for spring. And that's when I realized that snail pace is still movement, and that minimizing possessions is a good way to start, but the big stuff? Figuring out the values,  streamlining commitments,  abandoning or investing in relationships, that takes time.

Pastor Mark said last Sunday that when Jesus asked us to pick up our cross and follow Him, He didn't call us to a life of misery, he wanted us to leave behind all the things that don't add value to our lives anyway. I'd like to think that those things without value are the big, dirty, cold chunks of ice I'm leaving behind, even if I'm moving at snail's pace I feel lighter already.

So that's the life update, now for some links:

1. This is a piece on advice for young writers, but even if that's not you, it's worth your time. 
"Life is most transfixing when you are awake to diversity, not only of ethnicity, ability, gender, belief, and sexuality but also of age and experience. The worst mistake anyone can make is to perceive anyone else as lesser. The deeper you look into other souls—and writing is primarily an exercise in doing just that—the clearer people’s inherent dignity becomes." Right? Right.

3. My friend Les made me watch a few episodes of a British series called Black Mirror, have you seen it? I find it terrifying! This article ties into it perfectly. Are shutterbug parents wiping away their mental databases of experiences with their offspring while bulking up their digital ones?

5. OMG this house! I want to live in it!

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#12monthsofben: 10 Months

Ben is 10 months old today.

Likes: C-R-A-W-L-I-N-G! Being on the move is his favorite, followed by standing with help and trying to walk. 

Dislikes: Being told not to do something.

I almost couldn't keep up with him this month. As soon as he learned to crawl, boom! he became this curious child, completely unafraid, who must explore the world. This has truly been the first month when I can see him leaving babyhood and becoming a toddler.

Hold me.

His hair! I cannot believe how long it is now.

And of course his bedhead is dreamy. He woke up like this.

Benjamin loves food and eats pretty much anything he's allowed to eat.

He's helpful around the house.

And likes to help with grocery shopping by overseeing our work from the big boy seat.

But of course, he still finds time to play.

Sometimes cat toys are way more fun than his own toys.

I know I say this every month, but this really was the best month so far. 

And now a video:
Happy TEN months, sweet baby boy!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Roundup

It's the time of year when the light is returning and I am like "oh look, it's G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S outside! I'm gonna go for a run!" Then I realize that there're literally no positive degrees outside, I curse at the sun and blue skies for tricking me into thinking I could leave the house, then I trade my running shoes for hot chocolate.


I am absolutely jealous of all of you who are like "oh yeah, no, can't catch up right now, it's spring break, and I'm headed to Hawaii." I thought spring break was over once I finished college, turns out that once you have kids they go on spring break, and the parentals have to either find someone to take care of them, or bite the bullet and go to Hawaii. It's a hard life.

For those of you who are not in Hawaii right now, here's the weekly roundup.

Stay warm this weekend!

1. What I Actually Learned in Design School

2. Scientists are developing ways to edit the DNA of tomorrow's children. Engineering the Perfect Baby

3. Think your email's private? Think again

4. Gender inclusive dorms have arrived to Alaska. Coed dormitory rooms soon to be offered at UAF

5. I know this is a second TED talk on this list, but I promise it's good, especially if you are a manager or a boss. The Puzzle of Motivation

6. If you know Spanish this post is SO good Sal Con Un Valiente

7. I LOVE this post because it reminds me of my grandmother. A lover of weekly manicures and jewelry, she used to tell me story after story of the rings that grandpa gave her, the necklace that one of her sons bought her, and the pieces she bought herself and what they represented.
Here six women tell the stories of her lives through the stories of her jewelry Talking With Their Hands

Thursday, March 12, 2015


My best friend is pregnant! Best news of 2015 so far.
It has been fun going down memory lane with her about the things I was going through when I was pregnant. You guys, that was just last year, now my sweet baby is slowly becoming independent, daring, brave, inching himself out of my arms and into the world. It's bitter-sweet.

When he was first born he only wanted to sleep in my arms, next to my heartbeat. At four months he let us know he was ready to sleep in his crib at night, but he still liked to nap in my bed, next to me, holding my hair as he closed his eyes. Today I laid down next to him for a nap, and as I sang to him he sat up, and I knew. He was ready to nap on his own, in his own crib.

Sure enough, I put him in the crib, sang him a song, he closed his eyes, and I stood beside him feeling proud and sad, full and empty at the same time. 

As any new mom, Kristin often has questions, asks for advice, and I am so happy to be her go to person. Amidst all the things I tell her, the most important is this: Enjoy this time. I say it over and over and it is never enough, because to carry a baby on the inside, to be able to hold him, love him, and watch him grow, is without a doubt, privilege. 

Allow me to raise my virtual glass to Kristin and Derrick, may baby Chan fill your lives with pride and joy, and may you enjoy him sleeping in your arms for as long as he'll let you hold him. 

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