Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Son of the Moon

I took this picture last weekend when I was coming back to town on the {{train}}. Even though the sun had not quite set, the moon was a sight to behold. this picture may not show it, but the moon looked like a cradle, which reminded me of a song I haven't heard in a while but that came to mind, and to my surprise, I remembered every word as I hummed it slowly, and here it is.


Fool is he who doesn’t understand,
Tells a legend
That a female gypsy
Conjured the moon until dawn
Crying she would ask
That the day would come
For she to marry a gypsy man
You’ll have your ebony skin man,
From the sky the full moon spoke,
But in return I want
The first-born child
You breed from him,
Because someone who sacrifices her son
In order to not being alone
Would only barely love him
Moon, you want to be mother
And you can’t find love
To make you a woman
Tell me, silver moon
What are you going to do
With a child of the flesh?
Son of the moon
From a cinnamon skin father a child was born
As white as the back of an ermine
With grey eyes
Instead of olive
Albino child of the moon

Curse his seal
This is a foreigner’s child
And I won’t keep the truth

Moon, you want to be mother
And you can’t find love
To make you a woman
Tell me, silver moon
What are you going to do
With a child of the flesh?
The Gypsy man thinking he’s been dishonored
Attacked his woman, knife in hand
Whose son is this?
You’ve cheated on me
And he wounded her deadly
Then he walked up the mount
With the child in his arms
And abandoned him there
Moon, you want to be mother
And you can’t find love
To make you a woman
Tell me, silver moon
What are you going to do
With a child of the flesh?
And the nights that there's a full moon
It will be because the child's in a good mood,
And if the child cries
The moon shall wane
To make him a cradle
And if the child cries
The moon shall wane
To make him a cradle.

P.S. The original song is in Spanish from the group Mecano, so there's been some translating on my part :)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Great Alaska Beer Train

After a whole week of parenting by myself while working and trying to keep my sanity, my husband returned, hallelujah! I have never been happier to see Tim's handsome face.

{As a related note, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge my heroes: If you are a parent of one or more kids, you work, and your spouse is away for work often, i.e. firefighters, slopers, etc, or you're a single parent period, I salute you. You are amazing, and you are doing a fine job handling life. Go you!}

Being that it is October, and that we like beer, we figured a little Oktoberfest celebration was in order.

I have been to the Beer and Barley Wine Festival more times than I care to recall, and the Alyeska Oktoberfest is a fine event too, but I have come to a point in life where I am not that fond of the chicken dance, and the thought of standing in line for beer tasting makes me want to cry.

Fortunately for me, the {{Alaska Railroad}} in Conjunction with the Glacier Brewhouse put a fine Octoberfest celebration with an outstanding food and beer combination menu for you to enjoy in the comfort of their train while watching the majestic beauty of Turnagain Arm in the fall.

A sit down dinner with beer pairings and a Conductor as a D.D. cruising one of the most gorgeous places on earth? That, I can get behind.

If you have come to this point in life as well I highly recommend you give it a try!

Does not get much better than this.

Beef roulades, german potato salad, sauerkraut, and fresh chives.

Oh, just me eating all the Kit-Kats that the Alaska Railroad kindly left on my table. It's like they know me!


Peach dumpling, with brandy caramel drizzle, and vanilla ice cream.
Oh yeah.

Drinking a Hungarian Oak Aged Oktoberfest, by far my favorite of the day.

This is Scotty, AKA Conductor Scott. But I call him Scotty.
Scotty doesn't know.
{bonus points if you get that reference ;)}

That moon though.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. I just like beer.
P.P.S. If you live in the Fairbanks area, I hear the HooDoo Choo Choo is a great beer train ride too.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Before and After: A Dream Kitchen Comes To Life

Lee and Wally Corrigan drove all the way from Seward to Anchorage early in the spring to meet with me because they were ready to have their dream kitchen. Their current one was spacious but it was not maximizing the footprint available, and even though the cabinets were white, the general space was dark and poorly lit.

Here are a couple before pictures:

We took shaker natural cherry cabinets to the ceiling in order to capture the vertical space available on both walls, we removed the island bar to open up the space and to provide a landing area for food and entertaining. The range moved to the perimeter and we added a hood framed by cabinets routed with Lumicor in lieu of glass.

We changed the old cast iron sink for a single basin, farmhouse sink mounted under the quartz countertop, and since we planned on having under cabinet lighting, a translucent glass subway tile was in order. Can lighting replaced the fluorescent ceiling light bulbs, and we added pendants above the island.

Dark kitchen no more!

Lastly the kitchen, dining room, and living room sat awkwardly on two different floor surfaces. We replaced them with luxury vinyl plank, a resilient, water resistant surface in a rich brown tone to complement the cherry wood.

Thank you Lee and Wally for letting us bring your dream kitchen to life!

Design, materials, and installation by {{K&W Interiors}}

A note of thanks to everyone in the crew who made this kitchen possible. From our warehouse people, and every single one of our installers, to our very talented Superintendent who traveled  from Anchorage to Seward leaving no detail untouched. Thank you. It truly takes a village.

Sunday, September 4, 2016


For labor day weekend we decided to take not one but TWO toddlers camping. Why? Because we think that rest, sleep, and relaxation are overrated, and because this world was made for the brave. That's why.

It is always fun to hang with my besties {Tim and Les} but even more so now that we had an entire year of transitions to rehash over the campfire. There is something about crisp, cool air and a campfire that mend the soul.

For me, last year was hard in a lot of senses. It mainly felt like the Lord had placed me where I didn't belong. It has been a long 12 months of learning to trust and lean into the wisdom of God when he tells me: "Daughter, I know your senses are screaming at you, but keep your eyes on me. We are going to get to the other side."* 

I suppose that is why I love nature so much, it is the one place where I can see the Lord, I can literally keep my eyes on him, because there is no way to see the majestic beauty of this land and not see the hand of God. If he wants my attention, he paints a sunrise and boom, I fall on my knees again. 

So last night, after everyone was tucked into their sleeping bags, I got the urge to pee. Typical. I begrudgingly got my butt out of the tent trying not to disturb the toddlers, and my jaw touched the floor when I lifted my gaze to see the most incredible northern lights dancing above my head. You may think no bigs, this is Alaska, but what you don't know is that right before my bladder betrayed me, I was praying and telling God that it took me a year to get on board, but that I was ready to pull a Peter and walk on water, that I was letting go of it all so he can do his thing.

And then boom. Northern lights. 

I tried to wake Tim and Les up but no one moved, then I heard him say: "These are for you."

Later on today I read this Mark Batterson quote from a friend who is obediently following too: "God is working his good, pleasing, and perfect plan for your life in a thousand ways you aren't even aware of. Everything in your past is preparation for something in your future. God wastes nothing. Even when you have a setback, God has already prepared your comeback. The God who works all things together for good, will leverage every experience, every skill, every mistake, and every bit of knowledge you have acquired. Your destiny predates you. Before you were even conceived, God had a script for your life. And he is in the process of fulfilling it today.

It took me a year, but I am happy to say I know I am exactly where He wants me to be, and this is only the beginning.

For the record, I think that water was freezing, and these boys are crazy.


Big Boots McGee.

There is a frog on my table.

Golden perfection.

I taught him to say "I'm looking for adventure".

It's wine in a can o'clock, and a game of Uno.

Chocolate face.

Fall shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.

When the first sip of coffee touches your soul.
Happy Labor Day everyone! 
Welcome fall.

* Juda Smith - Life is____.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

It's a birthday: Double Threes

Every year since I can remember I have made a huge deal out of my birthday. Don't judge me, I like celebrating life in company of the people I love. If we don't celebrate life, then what's the point?

Last year, for some unfathomable reason, I decided not to celebrate my birthday. Not even a little. What ensued was a terrible, horrible, no good year.
I'm not saying that you're bound to have a good year just because you celebrate your birthday, but let's just say that I'm not sad to say goodbye to 32. I've had a chat with Jesus and I asked him to please make 33 incredible, and I adopted a new policy that even if the year sucks, at least the birthday celebration shall be fantastic, from now until death. Amen.

One of the things I have learned in 33 years is to collect memories and have adventures over things, so I decided to spend my birthday (weekend) doing the things I love best: road tripping, running, hiking, and kayaking in places I have not been before.

The weekend brought 80 degree weather, new people, great food, and amazing views. I was spoiled to no end. The following pictures are a little bit of the time Tim and I spent exploring alone thanks to his parents who kept Benjamin for the weekend. God bless them.

Here's to 33 and living a life full of adventure. Cheers!

Matanuska Glacier!

Worthington Glacier.

Where my legs go fast and my heart goes free.

Moats and boats and waterfalls,
alleyways and payphone calls,
I've been everywhere with you. 

Double threes!

The fat mermaid.

The creepy merman.

Valdez has a bunny problem. They're everywhere.
They buck like funnies.

Sea lion.

Shoup Glacier.

Explorers gonna explore.


The inside of a glacier is pretty much the coolest thing ever.
Bucket list item, check!

I married a mountain goat.

Chocolate cake and whiskey.
Birthday done right.

Long live the open road!

And now a video:

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