Wednesday, November 19, 2014


coat and sweater:Forever 21, pants: Free People, booties: Halogen, sunnies: husband's

I wore this number to girls night last weekend. These days half the fun of going out is dressing up, considering that stilettos and baby-wearing do not mix, and I am wearing a baby 90% of the time, my fun shoes are impatiently waiting to be worn on occasions like this, hooray!

It was a fun time spent talking about people, future plans, and most importantly, Taylor Swift's new album. What's that? You are over 30 and you love Tay too? But of course you do, if you think you don't, you probably need a little Swiftamine found {{here}}. You're welcome.

After we finished our wine I asked Les to accompany me to buy lipstick. 
Last fall Steph and I found the darkest shade of berry lipstick and dubbed it GoMo, you know, for when you're feeling equal parts Goth and Emo.  GoMo, brilliant we thought, but I was not brave enough to pull the trigger, until now. Les okayed it, I bought it, and next time you see me, I will probably be the over 30 mom in flats, wearing her baby and her GoMo lipstick, whistling Taylor Swift's sick beats.

Because that's how I roll.

P.S. In case you want in on the GoMo action, find my faves {{here}}{{here}},  {{here}}, and {{here}}

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#12monthsofben: 6 Months

Holy cow, Ben is 6 months old today. SIX! HALF OF A YEAR! OMG HOLD ME!

Likes: Sitting up, taking his socks off, talking, getting tickled, putting everything in his mouth, stroller rides.
Dislikes: Some new people, he has some sort of stranger danger syndrome going on. He also dislikes not being able to do as much as he wants to, you can just tell that his mind works way faster than his body lets him.

Among this month's accomplishments are sucking on the toes. He tried so hard for ages until BAM! Foot in mouth it went.

Not only does he take his socks off, he also figured out how to take his mittens off, you know, just to make me say "where is your other sock/mitten" 1,000 times a day.

This month Ben learned to read.
Just kidding.
But he does look at his books with more attention and patience these days.

And of course our most significant accomplishment has been moving from milk to milk and solids. He is a food thief, I tell you, that was MY smoothie!

I don't know if you can tell, but I am so in love with this boy of mine and I thank God daily for allowing me to be his mama. Becoming a parent is hands down one of the best things ever to happen to me.

Happy six months my boy, I love you so, so hard.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ben goes bananas

I thought we would wait until Ben turned 6 months old to start him on solid food, but he was way ready trying to steal food from my plate, and since he was only a week away from turning 6 months we started a bit early.

We decided we would give Baby Led Weaning a try and although messy, we have not been disappointed. It is so fun seeing how his mind works, watching him discover textures and flavors is our new favorite thing.

 I know, we are those parents who marvel at every discovery their kid makes. Bear with us.

For those of you who have seen it before and asked, we got his high chair from Ikea. We knew that Baby Led Weaning would be messy and we needed something without too many nooks and crannies or cloth, that cleans fast, and isn't an eye sore. This one fits the bill, and it was only $19.99. You can find it {{here}}

This is Benjamin every night after dinner. Some of the food has ended up on Tim's lap and my hair, so it's a good thing this kid enjoys bath time! 
We are introducing carrots tonight, wish us luck!

Food is intrinsically linked with nurturing and love: we all want to show our babies how much we love them and feeding them is one way to do this. -Gill Rapley

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tried and true

jacket and thermal: Free People, jeans: Zara, booties: Sam Edelman, scarf: Forever 21

I know I have been gone for a bit, I am sorry. I am taking some time to reassess life and make choices, and the best way to do that, I find, is to unplug, pray, and listen. So there will be sporadic moments of static around here, but not for long.

Someone asked me to do a fall inspired Wardrobe Wednesday since fall in Alaska has decided to stay for quite a while this year. Yes, again, the lower 48 is freezing while we are like winter who? Enjoy it while it lasts folks, Old Man Winter may be delayed, but we all know he's coming.

On that fall note I bring to you leather and plaid, shocking absolutely no one. Why mess with tried and true, am I right? 
I am in love with this jacket, by the way. Now that I don't really have an 'office job' it's been fun to resurrect the casual look, and that leather jacket is the ticket to make anything a little bit more edgy and a little bit less polished in just the right amounts.

Those jeans are the same ones from {{this post}} remember? They fit at 31 weeks pregnant and they fit now. See? Tried and true. Never mess with that.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Trick or treat in the street

Today we took Ben on his first Halloween excursion downtown to Trick or Treat Street because of three reasons:
1. It was in broad daylight with fairly nice weather.
2. The event was family and children oriented.
3. Any excuse Tim and I can find to dress up as Star Wars characters is reason enough.

Wait, there's one more reason.
4. Candy. Eventually, I assume, I will have to let my kid eat the Halloween candy he collects, but until then I will gladly fall on that grenade. 

△ Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and Yoda pose for a frightening family portrait.

△ Whoever carved that pumpkin is wicked talented, but Ben was not having it.

△ Our friends, their little zebra, and the most delicious sweet pea.

△ I was seriously impressed with these two, I mean, that Mad Hatter is LEGIT.

△ I was trying to get Ben to hold his 'lightsaber', Tim was WAY too much in character to do anything other than stoically stand as the lord of the dark side.

△ But even Vader bends the rules sometimes to pose for a picture.

We will milk that Yoda outfit until he outgrows it because would you look at that baaaabe??!! A cuter Yoda, you have seen not!

P.S. On that Star Wars note, check out this daughter and her awesome dad {{here}}

Saturday, October 18, 2014

#12monthsofben: 5 Months

Ben is five months today. 

Likes: bath time, sitting up {with help}, chewing on everything, talking, laughing, the pool, other babies, naps, car rides. 

Dislikes: being alone, getting his fingernails trimmed, teething. 

I know I say this every month, but I cannot believe my baby is 5 months old already! But as much as I want him to stay little, I cannot deny that watching him grow is the best! Every month is better than the last, with the exception of teething. Nobody likes that!

Ben sits with us at the table for dinner in his high chair and makes himself part of the conversation, talking, laughing, and screaming at times while watching us eat. Soon he will have a plate of his own.

I think he has also figured out that napping is not so bad, and he takes 2-3 short naps daily.  He's also eating more milk less times a day. Can I get a hallelujah? What a welcome relief for this mama while it lasts :)

Next month will be half a year! Omg. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

At the pool

Even though his face does not show it, Ben had a blast today at the pool. I had a suspicion he'd like it, knowing he loves bath time so much. He was a bit shy at the beginning but he kicked and splashed pretty well towards the end.

Might be too early to tell if we have an Olympian on our hands, but he didn't even cry when he got water all over his face, so I say we are off to a good start!